We Say We Don't Care But We Do

by Off The Yard

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Saturnin thumbnail
Saturnin The voices, the chords, the cover and everything else in this album is great !
Also, their commitment is really surprising, making this album more meaningful than you could expect at first.
Bravo mein Eichhörnchen ! Favorite track: Drumpf.
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released July 8, 2016

Enregistré, mixé et masterisé par Robin Mariat à Grey Matter Studios.
Tous les morceaux ont été écrits et composés par Off The Yard.
Artwork par Claude Rous.



all rights reserved


Off The Yard Lyon, France

Issu de l'envie commune de devenir célèbre sans effort, Off The Yard est un groupe de folk/punk/acoustique fondé début 2016 avec des influences partant de The Matchup, passant par The Flatliners pour finir chez NOFX.
Le trio est composé de garçons pleins d'ambition mais sans aucun avenir : Yoann à la guitare et à l'envolée lyrique, Ludo à la basse rutilante et Boun's à la guitare et au chant juste
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Track Name: I Hate You, Please Die
Everyday you're lurking around
Stalking like a half deaf hound
Hoping your prey will fall to the ground

I fucking hate you
You always search for someone to screw
People like you makes me spew

The wheel of fortune turns incessantly
One day life won't be gently
And you'll have an accident, even deadly
And you'll have an accident, that will please me
Track Name: We Are Standing
Wednesday morning 11am
Two masked pirates without a name
Ten reporters playing their game
The door slams, now starts the gunfire
That's not their best way to retire

We won't be terrorised by nutter
You can blow up, you can shoot down
But never set our land a clutter
We will raise up, we won't comedown

The gig is intense, guitar's playing,
Audience is listening, singer's screaming
First shot is heard, then music stops as hell is coming
People falls down hit by bullets
Bombers shoot with no regrets

A hall full of tourists
A terminal, 3 terrorists
Two bombs explode, it's such a mess
That's not a game, you don't play chess
You are killers you won't be blessed
Track Name: Bridge Tale
It’s right you’re all to me,
Your personality, your perfect spelling, your wonderful eyes
You showed me
That I wasn’t nothing to you, you surprised me with that first kiss
While I was making you
Repeat what you just tried to tell me over the music but pardon me
I am not trying
To justify myself while trying to obtain a bit of your time.

I would sell
My entire life to be once again on this bridge where we say goodbye
And to tell you
That we’ll meet once again tomorrow to get know each other
I want to know you

I’m gonna sort things out,
I wouldn’t dare having the shameless selfishness
Of begging you to wait for me
But I would give a lot to be back on the bridge where we left each other

I am wondering what she did like
Now look at you, don't get the flu, real love is a pretty long hike

I should let her and should forget
I am your friend, until the end, you're a tough guy and not a pet

She's not the first that I/you have met
The last one that I/you will get
Track Name: Drumpf
Will you really elect this man?
Will you vote for this racist jester?
You already have invaded the afghan
And now it's the mexican you pester

A business man is not a president
The symbol of the sad world of occident
Down on your knees foreign nonresident
You'll have to pay more and more rent

Look at his god damn family
Father of two fucking poachers
Killing animals from their balcony
Making suffer give them a boner

Listen to him talking about Earth
The climate's getting worst and worst
He says don't worry about heat burst
It was created for chinese at first

Boss of a real estate business
Don't allow you to create a wall
Please go back building some malls
The way americans get stillness

Please Mister Trump, now leave the election
You should go back, to increase the inflation
America, you won't trust a moron
This is your fight, you have to carry on
Track Name: Columbine
Depressed boy in a depressed society
Bleeding his pain and agony
Whipping boy terrorised by a bully
Showing world how to modify destiny

He's here standing
Tears droping, mind sinking
What have I done ? what have I done?
Now, nobody's breathing
Not a whisper is hearing

Well known hallways and rooms are empty
Floor and walls are dirty
What have I done ? what have I done
Fire bell ringing in his hears
So much bodies speared

Guns and weapons in hands
That's how his school year ends
What have I done ? what have I done
Children he never loved are dead
The last bullet's for his head
Track Name: Dumb Ways To Live
Another friday night is coming again
We don't need a reason to fuck up our brain
Another friday night to party insane
Living our life on the fast lane

We work hard but party harder
Glasses are full and weed's in the grinder
All our friends are back together
Running straight to the slaughter
As dropping in bath the toaster
Our minds drown in the water

With your buddies it's how it goes
Party first and bros before hoes
Smoking and drinking our life to overdose
We are barflies to the doors close
Track Name: Brainwave
My fucking inspiration is dead
My paper sheet is plain as hell
Some day you'd better stay in bed
And not hear ringing the bell
I asked the band for some ideas
Not a single fuck was given
I never thought the bees could disturb
A musician

Give me back my inspiration do I really need a sedation?
I am only able to write under medication?
I can't stand this frustration, can't give my mind a vacation
I really need to be back on creation

Should I write about my opinion?
Are we an anti-war committed band?
To be honest I have no conviction
And don't really like my land

I will talk about revolution!
People like rising their fists
Or about air pollution, yeah
We'll be soon surrounded by mist

This song is just a swindle, meaningless jingle,
Written only to complete our set
No need for brainwave, no need for brainwave,
It just reflects our mindset
We are 3 boys, no ambition,
Don't expect us about nuclear fission